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Laurent Romedenne

Secretariaat MIBe   |   Pt, Cred. MDT

Licensed in Physiotherapy in 2005 (HEPHO Tournai)) he directly completed his training in Manual
Therapy and ethiopathie (2007 JEE CEE). ), a Cred in MDT McKenzie Method with the McKenzie
France (2012, Poitier, Fr) and numerous continuing courses in the field of manual therapy: Michael
Shaclok,Chad cook, Mulligan, Jeremy Lewis. He is also trained in the field of Motivational
Since 2005, he has been working as an independent musculoskeletal physiotherapist in his private
clinic in Belgium and France. He has been an assistant instructor since 2013 for the International
McKenzie Institute (MII) in Belgium and France. He supervises physiotherapist students in their
internship at master degree between 2011 and 2019. He was also a practical teacher at the
Condorcet Physiotherapy High School, Charleroi, Belgium.
In 2017, he studied marketing and online marketing applications